Solapix products are true photographs. Unlike traditional paper-based photographic prints, Solapix technology embeds vibrant and highly durable dyes sub-surface within an acrylic polymer.  Prior to imaging, the receptive polymer layer has been applied as a coating onto a variety of substrates including various plastics, metal, glass and much more.
Our technology is differentiated from others on the market by numerous advances in the art that have been pioneered by our technical team over the past 21 years. Our extensive and ongoing research and development in the fields of nanotechnology, advanced polymer engineering, material fabrication and the art and science of ‘The Photograph’ now enables us to offer you an unrivaled portfolio of photo gifts and decor.  What makes it even more exciting is we make it all, from start to finish in our state-of-the-art facility right here in the US.
Allow us to introduce our products to you and don't hesitate to contact us with your questions:



The result of a decade of development, this unique product allows light to transcend an image that is equally vibrant and viewable from both sides.  With a gentle curve alleviating the need for a base or stand, this item is stunning, durable, light weight and sure to cause a conversation whether placed on a desk at work, or in your home.  (Select & Design)



The most recent addition to our product line is this remarkable wall décor.  Finished in a shimmering satin, and mounted on black spacer back-frames, these metal prints are unsurpassed in aesthetics and quality.  Bring your photos and art to life in a BIG way with sizes offered as large as 20x30” (and larger on request).  (Select & Design)



To overcome the interference caused by the traditional metal-insert customized phone case we developed a highly durable and high definition polymeric photo panel.  Our customized rigid black phone cases are now available for the most popular IPhones and Android® devices.  (Select & Design)



Benefiting from much of the same technology as our curved acrylic panels, our ‘Photo Glass’ is translucent and delivers a vibrant high-definition photo that is viewable from both sides.  This heirloom desk/tabletop photo is available flat with hardware options, or in self supporting curves.  These products are offered as special promotional items only, with steep discounts and limited stock quantities available, so when you see them here online we strongly suggest you grab‘em!   (Select & Design)



As a more temporary alternative to the curved acrylic photo and photo glass, we offer a similar aesthetic and image quality on a flexible translucent film.  This film is available in standard photo sizes and can be displayed in magnetic acrylic frames.  We are soon to launch our own line of magnet frames made entirely in our facility and employing American made acrylic.  (Coming Soon)



As a full service provider we invite you to approach us in the event you have a project that cannot be addressed by our standard product lines.  With complete in-house formulation and coating production, coating application, and extensive fabrication and imaging capability, we are perfectly set up to accommodate all of your needs.  Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss how we can help turn your designs into jaw-dropping reality.  (Contact Us)